Here is a list of science opportunities for middle and secondary school students nationally. These range from summer camps to internships and represent for under represented students and those interested in the STEM fields. 



Afterschool STEM Mentoring Fellowship Program  (Graduate Students)

Begun in Fall 2010, the New York Academy of Sciences Afterschool STEM Mentoring program recruits graduate and postdoctoral students from universities New York City, Newark, and Upstate New York to volunteer to mentor one afternoon a week in underserved 4th through 8th grade afterschool classrooms at organizations like the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs. Mentors can choose to teach a variety of curriculum ranging from genetics to space science and can receive an Academy Fellow Teaching Credential for completing a semester of teaching and training.

Alfred University Summer Science Program (9th – 12th Grade Students)

Alfred University welcomes high school students to campus each year to take part in the programs listed below. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about their fields of interest, to sample life on a college campus, and to meet other students with similar interests and academic ability. Some science programs include: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Engineering the Elements (Polymers and Electronic Ceramics), Robotics Engineering

American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) After School Program  (9th – 12th Grade Students)

Every year, the After School Program (ASP) offers courses to New York City high school students interested in the sciences. There are courses in anthropology, astrophysics, earth science, genetics, biodiversity, and more. Each course makes use of the Museum’s unique resources through hall visits, lab and collections tours, talks and lectures by scientists, and hands-on activities. ASP offers multiple sessions throughout the school year. Each session is six weeks long, and courses meet once or twice a week from 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Students may attend only one course per session.

AMNH Summer Science Institute  (9th – 12th Grade Students)

Participants in the Summer Science Institute will engage with science ideas on display in the exhibit halls through interactive, hands-on activities.  Apply for a week of inspiration where you explore a different topic each day, visit the Museum’s special exhibitions, and close out your summer with science.

Dolan DNA Lab Summer Camp (9th – 12th Grade Students)

The Dolan DNA Learning Center offers fun and challenging camps at the DNALC’s two Long Island centers in Cold Spring Harbor and Lake Success and at the Harlem DNA Lab in Harlem, NY, for science enthusiasts entering 6th–12th grade. Guided by experienced instructors, students will use sophisticated laboratory and computer equipment to perform experiments several grade levels ahead of their peers. 

Dolan DNA Saturday DNA! Program  (Ages 10-15 )

One session is offered for each Saturday in this newsletter. The October and December sessions are for ages 10-13 with an accompanying chaperone. The November session is for students ages 14 to adult with accompanying chaperone for participants under 15. All sessions are two hours long: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Chaperones fully participate in all program activities. Sessions are $15.00 per person ($30.00 for a participating student and accompanying chaperone.) The sessions are held at the Dolan DNA Learning Center at 334 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724. 

Rosewell Park – Summer Cancer Research Experience  (Age 14 years +)

To help make these informed decisions, consider an internship in which you will gain a first-hand research experience by working full-time on an independent cancer-related research project. Your research experience will be set within the collaborative and mentored environment of a world-renowned cancer researcher’s laboratory where you will work alongside a research staff of graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and technicians. Your core research experience will be supported by educational seminars and career development activities. These include a weekly course, invited speaker seminars and field trips to life sciences companies.

Rockefeller University Summer Science Research Program  (Age 16 years +)

The Rockefeller University Summer Science Research Program (SSRP) provides high school students with an opportunity to conduct hands-on research under the mentorship of leading scientific researchers at one of the world’s premier biomedical research facilities. Over the seven weeks of the Program, participants will be immersed in the content, process, and culture of scientific research. Participants will engage in all aspects of the lab experience including doing research, reading the relevant literature, and participating in lab meetings. By the end of the summer, many participants experience the exhilaration of discovering something that nobody previously knew.



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