What Stuck With You?: 5 Post-It Note Activities in the Classroom


Every teacher (and school administrators alike) want their students thinking critically and reflecting deeply on what they are learning. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time, way to do just this. Well – here is an easy way to revamp the use of Post-It notes in your classroom or school community!

1. Have students leave a quick reflection of “what stuck with them” at the end of a lesson.  stuckwithu

2.  Ask students to list points on opposing positions of a topic being discussed. 

3.  Have students pen an idea that was reinforced through a reading/video or something that they didn’t know/realize.  (Example: Photo top right.)

4.  Ask students to reflect after a school trip, a video shown in class, or  a guest speaker. You can create a very cool collage at the end! (Example: Photo bottom right.)

5. Have  faculty leave a quick reflection at the end of a lesson or a meeting. (Example: Photo left.)

Any way you look at it, this is an easy fix to get bodies moving and thinking in the classroom. How about it?

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